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Algebraically Speaking is a game where teams try and find as many ways to say verbally what they see in expressions, equations, and inequalities. Students can improve their understanding of what the symbolic representation means.

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Play 3 levels of "4 In A Row" from games of plotting points to writing equations of lines.

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Give your students a sweet treat - food and math! Use skittles to model population growth - an activity to gather data, plot it on a scatter graph, find a regression equation/model to fit the data, and make a prediction for further trials.

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Scatter2.pngScatter Plots and Linear Regression - because of the size of the file (it contains a very short, awesome video) and the restrictions on how big a file can be on this wiki, I've uploaded this to Promethean Planet. Please use the link and download it there. Download the fileIf you haven't already registered (it's free), you will have to register to be able to download resources from Promethean Planet. Sorry for any inconvenience!
This flipchart includes 2 sample problems, directions for the ti-84 calculator to do scatter plots and regressions, an activity to gather data and predict Shaquille O'Neal's arm span, and find the model that can predict temperature from cricket chirps. To preview this flipchart, download this pdf.

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Explore 7 basic functions - constant function, identity function, square and square root functions, cube and cube root functions, and absolute value functions. Notes are included with each page and each page is interactive.

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Here's a game that will reinforce Basic Math Skills while using strategy and having fun!

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Alien Convention - an activity with fractions, decimals and percents
Use the Notes Browser to find the directions for making the flipchart and completing the activity.
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