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Miscellaneous Resources/Links

  1. Videos
  2. Posters and Printables
  3. Make a graphic complete with hotspots at ThingLink - see examples of these at
  4. Pose a question to students and let them post their ideas with text, graphics, and other media on the web on (previously known as wallwisher) Grab photos, video, and anything with a URL to enhance a post. No login is required to post. Can easily be done with a mobile device and the Internet.
  5. Promethean Board Helpful Hints - a free download at
  6. Need a calculator that you can use on your Promethean Board? Try the one at No downloads, no special hardware, no cost. Welcome to the next generation graphing calculator! .lconley86 (on twitter) recommends this calculator and to "be sure to check out Projector Mode in the Options tab. It's magical! :)"
  7. Build your own games
    • Craftyy - Craftyy gives you a simple tool to build your own games as well as remix others'! Get started by playing a featured game below, or login to go to your dashboard at
    • Zondle - teachers and students can create games to support exactly their learning needs: phonics games, science games, language games and lots more at
    • Gamestar Mechanic – an interactive that teaches the principals of game design and leads users through the game experience at
  8. Comic Strip Creators
    • Bitstrips – described as the YouTube for comics where you can make your own avatar and create comic strips!
    • Pixton - Pixton introduces the world to Click-n-Drag Comics™, a revolutionary new patented technology that gives anyone the power to create amazing comics at
    • Witty Comics – make a comic at
  9. Avatars
  10. Presentation resources
  11. Sign Generator Widgets & Image Generators - - a huge list of over 500 sign generators
  12. Shmoop: Homework help, teacher reseources, and test prep at Site homepage is very cluttered but worth looking through!
  13. Pictogram Tool – create images and stickers that you can customize with texts at
  14. Flashcard Stash - Flashcard Stash is built on top of a dictionary, so you can lookup words above and save them. Click on functions in the top right of each vocabulary flashcard for example sentences, synonyms, and audio. Highlighted words can also be clicked for an immediate definition at
  15. The Stacks site on Scholastic is for students ages 8-12 and includes books/authors, games, blogs, videos, and more at: including activities like a Virtual Forest Challenge at
  16. Educreations is a teach what you know and learn what you don’t, an app that you can download at - Create and share videos with an iPad or your browser.
  17. Padlet – build a “wall” of information and resources at
  18. Tutpup - Compete in fun, educational games against other kids from all over the World at
  19. Inventions - teaching ideas and flipcarts -
  20. Check out Jacki Kratz's wiki - Technology in the Classroom -
  21. Triptico's desktop app contains over twenty interactive, fully-customizable resources for you to use in your classroom.and it's completely free!
  22. Free software for Education - find a directory of open ed resources and free educational software at
  23. Center for Technology and Ed flash resources -
  24. Use images to reinforce a message -