One of my favorite things to do to for family fun is to work on a jigsaw puzzle. I used to have a puzzle for students to work on in the back of the room when they finished their work early or got to class a little early. Many students loved it and often came in before school and after to work on the puzzle. So, why not play a puzzle on the Promethean board? The puzzle can be used to accomplish many things.

Jigsaw puzzles can

Solve this puzzle from Jigsaw Planet! Don't waste time... the timer is running! :-)

ONLINE puzzle makers: Use a picture provided by the website or upload your own to make your puzzle.
  1. Jigsaw Planet -
  2. Jigsaw Puzzles online -
  3. bfuddlr.png
    Another site to try is:
  4. Try bfuddler:

Somethings to note about these puzzles and ActivInspire as of today 7/13/2013
  • These puzzle play well on the web if you you use your browser on the Promethean board and just link to them from your ActivInspire Flipchart.
  • Puzzles can be embedded into a flipchart: Copy the code from the website, In ActivInspire, Insert > Link > Embedded HTML and paste the code there.

Play some puzzles:

  1. Here is a puzzle of students working on their geometry project on the interactive white board.

    Geometry Students Solving a Problem
  2. Einstein 2 -
  3. Golden Spiral -
  4. July 4th -
  5. Pythagorean Theorem Puzzle -