Online Tutorials for Hide and Reveal techniques

  1. Magic Box: Build a Magic Box

Hide_and_Show_Picture.jpgUsing Actions in the Action Browser

HIDDEN action:
Directions to make text appear and disappear - download the flipchart- directions are also in the Notes Browser.
1. Type the Title.
2. Type each of the bullets or information you want to hide and show.
3. Choose a graphic to click on to make your text appear and disappear.
4. Click on the first graphic and open the action browser. Go to HIDDEN (the list is alphabetical)
5. At the bottom of the column you will see a box asking for the target.
6. Click on the three dots in the box to the right of the empty box. It will give you a list of all of the objects on the page. Choose the text that you want to hide/show when you click on the graphic.
7. Make sure to click on Apply Changes.
8. Go to present mode and try it out. There should be a small blue arrow that pops up on the graphic when it is set up correctly. Click on a graphic once and it will show. Click on it again and it will hide. Have fun!