Add a Voki Avatar to your lesson!

Grab your students' attention and watch them participate in class by embedding a speaking avatar right onto your Flipchart. Create an avatar yourself, or better yet, have your students create their own by visiting You can customize your avatar’s voice, background, theme, and character. When your avatar is complete, all you have to do is publish and copy and voki girl.jpgembed the HTML code into your Flipchart. Move your mouse around and watch the avatar's eyes follow. Press play on the voki to the left to see what it has to say!

  1. Go to, login to Voki, and create an avatar.
  2. On the Voki site, click on PUBLISH your Voki and give it a name.
  3. Choose the size for your Voki
    • Large 300x400
    • Medium 200x267
    • Small 100x133
  4. Click the copy button next to Embed code. The code is selected and PrometheanVoki.png
    copied to your clipboard. (Or just click in the box on the code and it selects and copies it as well!)
  5. In ActivInspire, go to Insert > Link > Embedded HTML and Paste your Voki code from the clipboard ( into the white box.
  6. When you are in Presenter mode (vs. design mode), the Voki will begin to animate. You can move it around the page. As you move your mouse, notice the Voki’s eyes are following it. Use the play button to start speaking. Have fun!

Voki boy.jpgAdditional Resources: